Μεγαλύτερο μέγεθος γραμμάτων Μικρότερο μέγεθος γραμμάτων Εκτύπωση άρθρου

Security Systems

"In my business, I had petty thefts in almost daily basis, during the opening hours of the store, as well as burglaries when the store was closed (5 burglary attempts in 8 months). After the successful design and installation of security systems from Genius Systems, they succeeded to render me directly from any kind of threat to my shop. Moreover, with the connection of alarm and CCTV to the central station, I feel more secure all day long and a year after, all burglaries attempts have stopped". 

Manolis Mavrokefalos (Retail Store Owner)

Control room

In our office we are operating PBX, alarm and CCTV systems. Everything was installed by another company and we constantly haad problems especially with the call center. At the control room, where all wires ended up and all head units systems were installed, existed a mess of cables and equipment hanging from everywhere. After a study conduction by the specialized personnel of Genius System, we're able to reshape and organize the control room and to resolve any problem we had in the call center and other systems.

Ioannis Markoulakos (I. & M. Markoulakos and Associates Law Firm)

Security Systems

Genius Systems company studied, designed and installed all the telecommunication and security systems at our premises in Aspropyrgos, in 2008. All these systems work smoothly since then, as well as all services provided by Genius Systems are at a very high level. In 2011, Genius Systems studied, designed and installed an innovative storage system of our facilities which so far has prevented more than five attempts and has also reduced economies of scale associated with the financial burden of our company for this purpose. Congratulations to all employees of the company for their excellent... (more)