Genius Systems was estabished in 1992 occupying itself with the designinstallation and maintenance of electronic systems used for specialized applications (call centers, satellite systems, antennas, intrusion alarm, CCTV, fire alarm, BUS - Smart home systems etc.) thus always providing integrated solutions.

Genius Systems, due to its 20year presence in the field, the never-ending research and development, the know-how of its scientific personnel, the support provided to its selected partners, and in conjuction with the amount of projects that it has completed, it offers solutions ranging from the simplest to the most advanced electronic application.

Being active in many different fields such as:

  • Security Systems,
  • Electronic Systems,
  • Telecommunication Systems and Networks,

Genius Systems offers integrated, reliable and ecomonical solutions, always based on the designing that is effectuated for each project and client separately. The combination of various technologies from its specialized engineers, allows Genius Systems to provide with the desired results and to meet each client's needs while maintaining its consulting role.

Following a steadily growing course so far, Genius Systems has expanded its activities and managed not only to make a dynamic appearance in the field of electronic systems but also to stand out and establish itself in the competitive field by developing and maintaining its clientele, which includes thousands of privateers and companies as well as goverment agencies and organizations.

Based on its technology and its specialized personnel, and with emphasis on its consistency and mainly its 24hr high quality technical support, Genius Systems has been well established in the Greek market.

Genius Systems has acknowledged that, in the field of security systems, the needs for qualitative and quantitative security have increased as a direct consequence of the continously deteriorating economical and social crisis. This need but also the citizens' demand for adequate and complete security measures (home, business, office safety), has led Genius Systems to the development of a strategic partnership with Virtual International SA, which specializes in the remote management and control of buildings, the registering of incidents, the recording of video image and audio, with "Virtual Guard" being its main service.