The construction of an effective computer network in your company offers reduction in workload for your employees while at the same time it provides with data security from loss and theft.

With experienced personnel Genius Systems is able to design, build and also service such a network, which will meet every client’s needs.

The computer network department, focusing on safety and data transmission rate, cooperates with the structured cabling network building department in order to provide with the appropriate infrastructure for the client’s structured cabling network, as well as with the telecommunications department to expand the network beyond the geographical boundaries of each company.

Genius Systems believes that the training and technical support of its clients is of the highest importance. Even the most advanced network is rendered useless if the end user is unable to use it to its full potential. Thus, Genius Systems achieves the best provision of integrated solutions focusing on technology and its specialized personnel.


  • Comprehension of the client's needs
  • Design, programming and effectuation of an installation
  • Application installations
  • Detection and management of faults
  • Training

Consequences of a properly installed computer network

  • Increase of production
  • Cost reduction
  • Hgh data safety
  • Automatic data recovery