It is the system that manages the crossing of persons and vehicles.

The main function of the access control system is to separate the area it controls into smaller areas and allow access for specific users to specific areas and on a specific timeframe, as well as to be aware of where each user is and the time he entered or left a controlled area.

There are two types of access control systems, the standlalone and the system-based.

The standalone system comprises e.g. by a single keyboard controlling a door.

The system based comprises of the main panel where all peripherals are connected and has networking capabilities for the administration of the system and the export of various reports and controls.

Peripherals can be card readers, keyboards, card readers with integrated keyboard, biometric reader e.g. fingerprint reader, retina scan reader, palm stereometry readers etc.

At the same time it can be connected to a variety of other access control, notification and visual control systems such as road blockers, intrusion alarm systems, CCTV systems, etc.

Genius Systems has effectuated installations for the access control of buildings, construction sites and factories, both as an individual system and interfaced with all the aforementioned systems.