The intrusion alarm system is the system responsible for detecting any intrusion attempt at any area. Genius Systems cooperates with the leading manufacturing houses in the field of intrusion alarm systems and can provide with solutions for all areas small – large, offices and factories.

The system comprises of sensors (such as magnetic contacts and motion detectors), flasher – sounders or any other audiovisual means and finally the main control panel which is the heart and mind of the system.

An intrusion alarm system can be either wired or wireless.

Depending on the type of the main panel, which is always chosen based on the needs of the client and the installation area, there are various sensors (e.g. panic buttons, flood detectors, outdoor motion detectors) and expansion modules (e.g. I/O module, Ethernet network module, GSM module, GPRS module etc).

An intrusion alarm system apart from the preventive role it holds can also have a suppressing role if combined with other systems (e.g. close doors, fill the area with smoke). Furthermore it is able to send at the same time encoded signals to the Central Monitoring Station where a certain procedure is followed, such as notifying the proper authorities, the persons responsible or execute any other action required.

The transmission of encoded signals is effectuated through wired means such as the telephone line (DΙΑL UP PSTN-ISDN etc.), through network (wired or wireless) IP modules and GPRS, or through cellular networks (GSM).

Genius Systems with its perennial experience has dealt with all its clients’ requirements with emphasis on their needs. That is why it is sure it can provide with a solution for your own particular needs.