• Fax server

Τhe company builds and installs a unified fax send and receives system in electronic format providing with the immediate transmission from all connected PCs, without having to print. Furthermore, it creates a file with all incoming - outgoing fax messages in electronic format.

  • Alarm signal transmission

Genius Systems provides with the option to transmit alarm signals through conventional lines, but also through Wi-Fi, internet, GSM (2G,3G,UMTS) and VPN.

  • CCTV image transmission

The transmission can be effectuated in remote places and be displayed to any optical device, such as television, computers and smartphones with Android, Symbian, iOS 4 (iPhone), Windows Phone 7, Bada (Samsung) software.

  • VPN with encryption

The company designs and installs virtual personal networks through the (WAN), providing the capability for them to operate as local networks (LAN).