The term telecommunications covers a wide range of communications which is not just limited to call centers or voice transmission by any means. The term telecommunications covers all forms of long distance communications along with the necessary conversions such as radio transmission, telegraphy, fax, television and of course telephony (wired and mobile), digital communications and the networking of computer systems.

By the term telecommunications, is meant any form of wired or wireless communication, electromagnetic, electric, audio and visual communication achieved regardless of distance.

Genius Systems occupies itself in the field of telecommunications since 1992. Its purpose is to provide its clients with integrated, reliable and effective services, aiming at the maximum utilization of modern technology thus rendering it a functional and effective tool suitable for daily use.

The company has a highly trained and certified personnel capable of supporting the KX-T, KX-TA, KX-TD, KX-TDA, KX-TDE and KX-NCP series of Panasonic call systems, as well as the KX-TVP, KX-TVM Panasonic voicemail series.

The coming of VoIP technology has opened new horizons in the field of telecommunications. Genius Systems has been training and closely following the advancements of this technology since 2002 and is well aware of its benefits and its contribution in the company’s projects.

Apart from the integration of the VoIP technology in the equipment it installs, Genius Systems also designs and installs Asterisk based pure IP-PBX (exclusive VoIP) call centers thus fully developing the range of their extended capabilities providing its customers with integrated solutions (Unified Communications).

Genius Systems fully comprehends the needs and expectations of its clients and that is why it maintains long-term partnerships with them even after the completion of the installation. The ultimate goal is for the client to take full advantage of the system and for the system to truly serve his needs

Genius Systems provides with the following telecommunication services:

  • Audio & Visual Communications
  • Data communications