CCTV is the visual monitoring system of an area that can comprise of a camera, a cable and the screen. That of course is its simplest of forms.

Nowadays all CCTV systems include a video recorder that is able to transmit data through the internet or / and mobile phones with Android, Symbian, iOS 4 (iPhone),Windows Phone 7, Bada (Samsung) software etc. in order to achieve the remote monitoring of the area but also the capability of surveillance from a Central Monitoring Station.

The conventional recording and management systems can accept 1 to 32 video and audio channels. With the provision of the appropriate equipment the number of video channels to be connected is unlimited.

A key role in the effectiveness of the system (sharpness, resolution etc) hold the lenses used which come in a wide variety (Manual or Auto Ιris, Focal / Length, Shutter Speed, Zoom etc.). The cameras may be fixed or remoted controlled for PAN - TILT.

Through the IR (infrared illuminator), lazer, thermal display technology, cameras are able to see even in pitch black conditions providing this way with the capability of visual contact with the protected area for all points equipped with cameras throughout the day and regardless of lighting and environmental conditions.

Genius Systems has conventional cameras of all types such as colour, B/W as well as dual function (day-night). Cameras ranging from 380TVL up to 700TVL high resolution. Fixed and Pan - Tilt. Analog cameras and IP cameras. Of course, the existence of high resolution cameras reaching up to 29 Mpixels and the continuous research for the enhancement of CCTV products can be taken for granted.

With the advancement of technology, the term CCTV is not adequate enough to describe operations and forms of monitoring of an area since the capabilities of the equipment as well as additional functions, which vary per manufacturer, render the equipment management tools for every form of operation and control.

The term Video Analytics comes to complete the CCTV applications that are equipped with video signal analysis so that they are no longer used as simple monitoring systems but as means to receive high definition and efficiency information. Apart from the aforementioned, a system can through the utilization of algorithms, bring results in the guarding of an area which in many cases are much superior to the ones provided by an intrusion alarm system of respective application e.g. alarm signal for moving vehicle of larger volume than permitted, or for human motion in an area covered by a single camera without it being affected by plant motion, changes in illumination or the presence of bugs.

A CCTV system can operate through many types of cabling and also wirelessly.

Genius Systems cooperates with the leading CCTV manufacturing houses and can provide solutions for all areas, small – large, residences, offices, factories, photovoltaic parks and any other case.